Musings of a Muffin Addict

Mar. 11, 2017

My Muffin surprised me with our couple ring on my 25th birthday. It was really awesome!

Feb. 19, 2016

Were you one of the girls who waited for a surprise from their man on Valentine's Day? I have to admit. I was one of them. But I thought there won't be any surprise at all. And why is that? It's because my Muffin spent his day off with me last Feb 12. Then nothing special or magical happened. I thought he would at least have a card for me, before he goes back to work the day after. But nothing ever happened. We just watched some movies in our entertainment room, cuddled up, and that's pretty much it. I thought he would be giving me flowers, but I did not expect that much. I know he won't be able to give me presents since payday is 3 days away (haha). I thought he would at least spend the day in a special way. Nothing happened, so I thought he pretty much does not care about celebrating our pre-Valentine's day. So I cried in the middle of the night, with him beside me, and he was angry with me because I was noisy. Finally, I told him I just wanted a hug so I can stop crying, and that was all I was asking for. He succumbed and shushed me so I can sleep. But I can still feel he was angry. So I fell asleep with a heavy heart.




He was supposed to be at work by 11AM, and he needs at least an hour or so to travel to his workplace. But he was not waking up when I was trying to wake him by 8AM, and then 9AM, then by 10AM I was really worried. He was not making any move, and I was worried he would be super late for his work. By 11AM, I finally pushed him awake. And we had this convo:


Me: Muffin, aren't you supposed to be at work by now?

Him: (sound muffled by the pillow) I don't have work. (laughs)

Me: What?? What do you mean?

Him: I don't have work today. (turns towards me)

Me: Why? Yesterday was your rest day, why won't you have work today?

Him: (holds both my hands) I took a leave just for today.

Me: Why is that?

Him: Because I wanted to surprise you.

Me: For what?

Him: I wanted to see the look on your face when I surprise you, by taking a leave today. I wanted to spend more time with you even if it's not yet Valentine's Day. I'm really sorry, Muffin, I can't give you anything for this celebration, not even flowers or chocolates or cards. I wanted to give something we both need. All I can give you is myself, and my time. I know it matters to you, spending quality time together. I am really sorry I was angry with you last night. I did not want to blow up my surprise for you so I need to cover up. I need to play angry so I won't tell you right away my surprise. It was torture for me, hearing you cry because you did not feel loved. I was hurting and I so badly wanted to hug you and squeeze you so you won't feel any more pain. I'm really sorry, this is all I can give you.

Me: (momentarily speechless, then cries) Awwwww Muffin!!!! It's okay, it's okay! I don't need flowers or chocolates. I just wanted to know you care about me, is all. I love you very much! Thank you so much, My Muffin!

Him: I love you very much Muffin.. (kisses me passionately)



So it was. We spent the day at the mall, with my twin sister (who is single, by the way, and needs to feel loved too). We played, ate, laughed, took pictures, and had fun! Then when we were about to go home, our friends found us and asked if we want to go to Katipunan for a Karaoke session with our gang. We declined, but we decided to have Karaoke at home instead, and invited the gang. We greeted Valentine's Day together with the whole gang. It was really fun and it was our first time doing that. 


I really had a great time this year in celebrating with my Valentine. This is one memory I will keep alive forever. <3